FREE to Read as You Shelter in Place

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Perhaps you’re feeling isolated and afraid. Like me, you’re worried about the implications of this global pandemic. In need of a creative escape from the closing walls. Concerned for loved ones and friends, who live in places that are feeling the brunt of this crisis.

You’re tired and queasy from the daily Tilt-A-Whirl of news bulletins. Searching for truth. Dealing with loss. Texting with daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers to see how they’re coping. Craving a retreat into the comfort of family connections and the healing properties of nature.

I’m here to help relieve the pain with this reading stimulus offer. From Saturday, March 21, through Wednesday, March 25, Kindle copies of all three of my books are FREE on Amazon.

From Fertile Ground

Tales of a Rollercoaster Operator

An Unobstructed View

All you need to do is click on the links, go to Amazon, download the books and curl up in a cozy corner of your home.

Once you finish each book, please take a few minutes to post your reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads … especially if you feel my stories have helped to rejuvenate your spirit or soothe your soul.

One more thing. I’m thinking of you. Stay well and happy reading!



6 thoughts on “FREE to Read as You Shelter in Place

  1. I had no idea you’ve written three books, Mark! What a fantastic accomplishment! Reading books is certainly one of the best ways to escape the new reality we are all learning to adapt to. I hope all is well 😊 Aiva


    1. Doing okay on this end, Aiva. Trying to manage the emotional peaks and valleys of this global pandemic. I’m proud of all three of my books. It wasn’t something I could have imagined accomplishing 10 years ago. But I felt the inspiration in my mid 50s and was diligent about devoting time to my writing. It always delights me when someone chooses to devote time to reading any of my books. It’s a bonus when a reader takes the additional step of posting a review. Sending warm regards to you and your family!

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