Keep Calm and Write On


A year ago, everything seemed to be running like clockwork. I had begun to write my third book. My husband and I had found a buyer for our suburban Chicago home. We were making final preparations for our cross-country move to Arizona and our sixtieth birthday celebration. Both were only a month away.

But I should have known better. Life had taught me there was nothing certain about any journey. I had already navigated the ups and downs of my St. Louis childhood, struggled along as a single dad, shed illusions of a straight existence in favor of an authentic life, and retraced the path of my mother’s life from fertile ground. Yet, I didn’t expect the journey I was about to embark upon with my husband–waving goodbye to one home and resurfacing in another–would prove to be as circuitous.

Needless to say, we encountered an unexpected detour on our way west. Everything changed. I struggled but eventually rediscovered my rhythm and began to write again. An Unobstructed View was born just a few days ago. I received the first copy of my new book in my mail this week. I held it in my hand and breathed deep, thankful for the gift of life and the power of perseverance.

What have I learned? Keep calm and write on.


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