Come What May


I can’t reconcile the beauty of the desert rose outside my backdoor with the ugliness of a black man’s murder in Minneapolis. Except I know the rose is a natural creation that thrives on heat and sun, while the killing is the latest manifestation of man-made hate and ignorance.

I can’t justify one-hundred-thousand deaths perpetuated by a virulent virus in less than six months in a complicated country. Except I know the virus is a natural creation with a cycle of its own, while the escalating numbers are evidence of lies and disarray in an ill-equipped nation.

I can’t imagine another month or two or three or more of disorientation and destruction. Except I know the mockingbird will forever sing atop a palm in the peak of the day, while an uncertain world continues to turn come what may.

6 thoughts on “Come What May

  1. Desert Rose is my new favourite flower, Mark! I’ve never heard of it, or seen it for that matter ever before and I love the colour of it. We are looking forward more freedom, although in Ireland it’s going to be a gradual process. We have to wait for another two months to be able to travel within the country. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my family in Dublin. I hope all is well with you and your family 😊


    1. I love the desert roses, too, Aiva! We have three different varieties in containers in our back garden. They are native to the Arabian Peninsula but flourish here in the Sonoran Desert as well.

      Ireland is such a beautiful country. I’m sure you do miss your family and mobility. I hope you can return to Dublin before end of summer. On a personal note, I found Dublin to be a fascinating and welcoming city. I hope to visit Ireland again someday. Wishing you and your family continued good health !

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  2. The sinking feeling I felt at the start of the pandemic has returned, except this time in response to a country so out of control we’re spiraling into oblivion. For the past hour I’ve been reading news opinion pages. They are comparing us unfavorably to 1968. One piece gave a fictional news account of what’s going on in america as if we were one of those African nations you never hear of. It’s brilliant and terrifying. I can’t believe I’ve raised my kids into this world. We haven’t even gotten started on climate change yet.


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