Fall Colors

Back in March, when news of the pandemic began to assault our senses, Tom and I agreed we wanted to introduce a splash of color into our home. To bring a fresh bunch of store-bought flowers into our haven each week. To ease the pain of 2020 by creating our own bouquet of happiness.

Now that October is with us, I’ve been craving fall colors. Though I smile every time I see the scarlet bougainvillea blooms swaying in a gentle breeze outside our back door, we don’t enjoy crisp apple-picking days in the Sonoran Desert or a traditional array of autumn leaves.

This week we brought home burnt orange roses to ogle over. As I freed them from the plastic wrap, the interior designer in me recommended placing them in my mother’s canary yellow Fiesta pitcher from the 1940s.

Full disclosure. In the past week, I also have bought and consumed organic pumpkin spiced applesauce, transferred two decorative harvest dinner plates (Mom also left those behind) from the hutch in our sun room to our kitchen cabinet, positioned our plastic jack-o-lantern on top of our living room bookshelf, and rescued two orange-black-and-white, witchy-and-batty cupcake dish towels from the cupboard.

After all, it’s October. Even if it is 2020, we have to manufacturer our own of version autumnal happiness and humor our Halloween hankerings. Our lives are more than COVID-19 results and election prognostications. We must maintain some sense of stability and go on living.

6 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. Love your fall colors & ruminations. Even in the AZ desert & high country October has well arrived.

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  2. I’v been craving fall colours, too. There’s just something special about this season, isn’t? As our house is completely covered by the Boston Ivy, I don’t even need to decorate it, but I still do. That’s why I can’t wait to go pumpkin shopping next week.

    Hard to believe Ireland is back into lockdown and we are yet again bound to Sligo; we just have to make the most of every minute. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well, Mark. 😀

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  3. Its good to maintain those annual traditions, and enjoy the the seasonal things we love. I’m so happy you can share them with me!


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