Even in June’s furnace, we discover bold unflinching souls.

We thank the universe for its mighty, sun-crafted gifts.

We welcome Sonoran glory in all its extreme permutations.

We vow to slather on sunscreen and don floppy hats.

Our spirits may flag, but our hearty hopes shine.

A native of the Sonoran Desert, our fishhook pincushion cactus shines on another hundred-degree day.

4 thoughts on “Fish-hooked

  1. Mark, are these 100 degree days considered unusual by historic standards, or is this what has always gone on in Az? Susan and I have always wanted to move to the SW desert upon retirement, but we feel like that window may be passing us by.


    1. The 100s are normal historically for Scottsdale in June, but it ramped up earlier this year. Last summer was pretty average here, but the drought is significant across the southwest. I think you ought to travel to Utah again before you make a decision. It certainly is beautiful country.

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