Every Heart Tells a Story

On March 25, 2023, I will participate in the Phoenix-area Heart Walk, sponsored by the American Heart Association.

If you follow my blog, you know I am a heart attack survivor. You may not know that both of my parents died of heart disease: Mom on January 26, 2013 (almost ten years ago); Dad on November 26, 1993 (nearly thirty years ago). Both Helen and Walter appear frequently in my published stories.

One of my favorite photos of Mom and Dad, celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday on July 26, 1949, at a restaurant in Texas.

Obviously, heart disease is personal for me and millions of American families. I hope you will consider making a donation to support ground-breaking research that keeps hearts beating and enables other unsuspecting victims of heart disease and stroke (like me) live longer and write new chapters.

As an added incentive, if you click the link below and donate $30 to the American Heart Association, I will sign and send any two of my books (your choice) to you. I’ll pay the postage and include two of my personalized bookmarks.


Thank you for your kindness and consideration. Every little bit helps.

4 thoughts on “Every Heart Tells a Story

  1. Mark – Wishing you many more years to enjoy your journey with Tom. I know the emptiness of loosing a dear friend – Oh but what a ride it was while we were with them.

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  2. This is a little bit off center but when I hear the song ‘Memories’ and specifically the lyrics “A Toast to the One’s We Lost Along the Way” – It bring me back to our rehearsal at the Galvin Play House and looking out over the seats and visioning all those who went before us and their legacy of making our life ((LGBTQ+) so much easier with all the medical advancements and all the more that will come for the next generations.  Your Dear Tenor 2 Friend The Other Tom

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